Pathfinder Society Scenario #1-49
„Among the Dead“


Pathfinder (Pathfinder Society Organized Play)


Samstag, 25. Juli 2015, 15:00 Uhr


4-5 Stunden


Sebastian Schirrmeister

Anzahl Spieler:



1-7 (vorgefertigte Charaktere sind vorhanden)

Beschreibung: [Abenteuer wird auf Deutsch geleitet]

Several years ago, a Taldan Zyphus cult took over a famous Oppara opera house, murdered a Pathfinder, and turned dozens of Taldor’s wealthiest citizens into the walking dead. The Pathfinder Society has finally tracked down their hideout and sends you to Oppara for one purpose: revenge. Can you face the servants of Golarion’s god of accidents unharmed or will you find yourself among Zyphus’s cursed souls?

Among the Dead is a follow-up scenario to Pathfinder Society Scenario #7: Among the Living. When played together, the scenarios create a mini story arc in Taldor’s gilded capital, Oppara.

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