- bad people killing bad people for bad reasons.


Sonntag, 26. Juli 2015, 12:00 Uhr


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„Hollowpoint is a role-playing game about hyper-competent, unpleasant, violent people doing what they do best. They work in a team, even if that isn’t their natural inclination. The game at once tries to capture the essence of modern-day competence mythology and bind these super-individuals into a functioning unit. This is the essential strain: these are people who like to be the best, and working together is stressful. Cooperation makes them less effective as individuals. Each knows his or her plan is the right one.

Disclaimer: This is a game that deals with torture, execution, terrorism, and other illegal and immoral activities. It is a form of make believe that some people will find offensive or unpleasant. But it’s just a game: it’s safe and no one gets hurt as long as everything stays at the table. Do not do these things in real life, please. Play games instead.“

In Hollowpoint spielt man eiskalte Profis. Mit einem Plan. Mit einer Mission. Effizient. Kompetent. Rücksichtslos. Gewalttätig. Um ihren Auftrag zu erfüllen, müssen sie als Team zusammenarbeiten. Hauptinspiration war den Autoren zufolge der Film Heat (1995).

Es wird eine Reihe von Settings zur Auswahl geben. Das System selbst ist narrativ und hält sich nicht mit Kleinkram auf.

„We‘re born to see action, not to stand around all day. If all we do is loiter, we might as well be hookers.“ The Mission (1999)