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The Shrouded Path system authored by me requires no prior knowledge. The rules pertaining to your character are on your character sheet, so just play in a way that makes sense to you. It is a skill-based fantasy (with low magic) system.


Opinions vary on whether Captain Hatib Abdel Salman is an honorable hero or a despicable pirate, but no one doubts his influence in the Mossy Bay. Now that his ship has mysteriously disappeared, the delicate balance has been disturbed. You are the crew of the junk „Xiao Yi,“ commissioned by Vicecountess Edith Larkentor to discover the whereabouts of the notorious captain and make sure that he is dead, but after leaving port, your captain Gullbone revealed herself as a follower of Captain Abdel Salman, who intends to find her lord and rescue him instead of killing him. Gullbone is dead, and the crew (you!) must decide on its next course of action.


Shir Hever