Pathfinder Society Scenario #5–03: “The Hellknight’s Feast”




Samstag 05. Juli 2014, 10:00 Uhr


4-5 Stunden


Sebastian Schirrmeister

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5-9 (vorgefertigte Charaktere sind vorhanden)

Beschreibung: [Abenteuer wird auf Deutsch geleitet]

War between demons and the civilized peoples of the Inner Sea region has broken out in the Worldwound far to the north of Absalom, but despite the regional implications of an Abyssal victory, many nations are ambivalent toward the cause. The Pathfinder Society, at the urging of Silver Crusade leader Ollysta Zadrian, arranges a formal banquet to be hosted by newlyweds Michellia and Damian Blakros, at which the society’s agents can attempt to sway the political opinions of Absalom’s movers and shakers. Will the Pathfinders succeed in securing the much-needed military support of Absalom and other nations bordering the Inner Sea, or will the crusaders and Pathfinders fighting on the front lines in Mendev find themselves standing alone before the demonic hordes?

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